Online Course: Understanding Markets as Complex Systems March 2 – April 29, 2016

LogoThe Institute for Inclusive Markets (IMI) is changing the way that market development professionals can access relevant educational opportunities that contribute towards their professional development.


Inclusive markets extend choices and opportunities to segments of the population who are traditional excluded from participating in the economy as wage earners, consumers and suppliers. When everyone can participate in the economy with dignity, and benefit in relations to their contribution, the foundation for profound equitable economic development is laid.

The Inclusive Markets Institute provides online professional development opportunities for anyone working in the field of inclusive market development.

This course is a guided and grounded learning experience that allows market development professionals to learn about complex systems concepts and how they play out in market systems. This learning and professional-development opportunity incorporates community–embedded learning[1] that is facilitated through virtual learning to provide the opportunity for professionals to learn about, and apply complex adaptive systems thinking to address a current operational or managerial challenge they are facing in a market development program. The identified challenge will then be the focus for the assignments conducted throughout the course.

Course Structure

Conducted solely online, this eight week course enables professionals to study while they are working and living at home. Each module will explore a theme through online discussions, instructional videos, podcasts or webinars, and articles. To deepen the learning, participants will work in small groups and have access to coaching. There will be assessments and participants will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

This course will:

  • Demystify systems theory
  • Exposure to exploring markets as complex systems
  • Inspire you to approach challenges differently and experience how systems thinking can add new perspectives to your own work in inclusive market development
  • Teach you to identify emergent patterns and effective leverage points to stimulate market development

It is suggested that participants set aside at least six hours a week to engage in the participatory exercises and dedicate time to the action research assignment.

Download Course Syllabus and Course Application

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