Learn how to use your cover letter to land an interview (webinar)

The truth about cover letters: What recruiters really look for.

It’s a common misconception among jobseekers that your cover letter is seen as the introduction to your application. In reality, most recruiters will read your CV first before deciding to learn about you in longer-form.

Your cover letter is actually more of a closing argument as to why someone should hire – or at least interview – you. And in many cases, a poorly written cover letter can pull you out of the running even if you have the right experience.

Join me on March 15 for a Devex Career Webinar, to learn how to read your cover letter through the eyes of a recruiter. Our discussion will cover: 

  • What to include in your cover letter
  • How to find a balance between CV highlights and personal content
  • How to structure your message
  • Effective tailoring and use of keywords
  • Top cover letter do’s and don’ts

Spots are limited to Devex members with a Career Account, but when you upgrade during registration,

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