Education First (EF) Scholarship for teaching professionals

Objective of the Scholarship

Teachers should continuously improve through acquiring new knowledge, technique and method keeping up to date with the latest teaching –learning methodology. For every teachers, it is important for grow up career through lifelong learning and professional development.

Education First (EF) helps teaching professionals to achieve professional goals by offering valuable Training Courses abroad. FF also makes opportunities of free online seminar for the teaching professionals, conducted by experienced teaching staff. Now FF introduce scholarship for the teachers across the world for 2015.

It is an excellent opportunity to enhance teaching career!

So apply now to explore complimentary teaching materials, discover the unique benefits of educational travel, stay up-to-date with teacher training webinars and connect with other educators around the globe.

Scholarship requirements:

You have to submit a project related to the theme of “Educational Travel”. Based on the theme, various topics you can include, like, your previous trips, volunteer engagement, activities, partnerships with foreign counterparts etc. You can be presented in your way what you think better. You can include a video, internet materials, blog or any other creative method. If you need further help, contact with FF officials.

Your project would be English, Spanish or French, depends on you that in what language you teach.  Try to be creative in your way according to your topic!

Example of Project:

If you took class to London in last year, then you should present how this travel experience enhanced student’s language skills.

How to apply:

Application form: here. With full papers, application must be submitted on or before May 31, 2015.
Your application sends to

Selection Process:

  • Winners will be announced on June 15, 2015.
  • Three projects eventually will be selected to take part in EF TTC course.
  • Course enrollment dates will be announced immediately after the selection.

Scholarship offer:

Full Airfare                                                                                                                                                                                    Course materials of one-week Training Course
Half board
Course certificate

Centers locations:

English: Cambridge, United Kingdom
English: Boston, USA

French: Paris, France
Spanish: Malaga, Spain

German: Munich, Germany

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  1. This really offers an attractive scholarship
    bid to be considered for many people who want to get a scholarship
    because education is important for the future
    thank you for sharing your article

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  3. I must write that I am amazed how great idea of scholarship for teching professionals is. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to enhance teaching career and to contribute to southasians.

  4. Very interesting article. I learned a lot of new information. It is an excellent opportunity to enhance teaching career!

  5. Thanks for sharing this type of article.

  6. To stay up to date with everything present such an offer is very attractive, considering the evolution of specialties.

  7. Teachers shape the future of our children, so giving them a chance to improve is a win-win situation. 🙂

  8. Very useful article shared. Such scholarship opportunities are definitely very important to keep the teaching professionals up to date with the latest teaching –learning methodology. An excellent opportunity, no doubt, thanks!

  9. sanjita shrestha

    This is a really helpful article to the teachers who got to read this so that they can know about this scholarship provided for them to be up to date to the new knowledge,techniques and method with latest teaching –learning methodology.

  10. teacher is very important, because teacher is the first for the children can be the better human

  11. I ‘m totally agree that the teachers should continuously improve their knowledge and teaching technique.

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